Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds needs no introduction, every one had a go at it and most of us become addicted to the game. Sorry to say, but your addiction is no way to fade away.The Finland-based game developers Rovio Mobile and the makers of Rio have collaborated to bring this next episode of Angry Birds.

For those who never head about Angry Birds, it’s a simple game where players use a slingshot to launch birds in order to destroy pigs’ barracks to get back the eggs that pigs have stolen. The barracks are made up various materials that are stacked together. To win the level, you need to kill all the pigs, with few birds as possible. The amount of damage you do will also be awarded with points.

This episode is slightly different; Instead of getting back the stolen eggs, you have to free all the birds that are being held against their will.

Graphics and playability have been improved from previous episodes. This time you can also collect secret items and awards, which is another intensive to play.

Angry Birds Rio comes with two levels, each level having 30 games, but Rovio promises more level between May and November this year via game updates.

The game is only available through Amazon AppStore for Android users and via the apps store for Apple users.

  • iPhone/iPod: £0.59
  • iPad: 1.79
  • Android: Free (via Amazon AppStore only)


GizmoDesirability: 9/10

  • Update: Angry Birds Rio is now available for FREE on the Android Market

Are you an Angry Birds addict?