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Angry Birds Go For A Summer Pignic

It’s officially summer and how to celebrate it than going for a picnic or more precisely a Pignic. Well at least that’s the intension of Rovio who just released yet another season of its famous Angry Birds iteration. After the recent update for the original game play, which brought 15 levels, Rovio is bringing the [...]


Dropbox Review

Have you ever been in a situation, where you needed to access to files which are on your computer. Of course you did, the solution, a USB stick. Great solution, but you need a USB port, and as we know, smartphones and tablets don’t have them. Even if you are in front of a computer [...]

Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds needs no introduction, every one had a go at it and most of us become addicted to the game. Sorry to say, but your addiction is no way to fade away.The Finland-based game developers Rovio Mobile and the makers of Rio have collaborated to bring this next episode of Angry Birds.



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