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Prototype: Imerj Dual Screen Smartphone

Remember back in the days where the phone screens were black and white and you could only see the number you typed? Well now it seems that even the big 4.3-inch isn’t enough. Earlier this year, Kyocera introduced a promising dual screen smartphone; unfortunately it didn’t live up to its expectations. Now another company is [...]


Empire Avenue: The New Social Media Craze

Already on Facebook and Twitter and maybe YouTube or even Flickr, but what you are “worth”?  Why not join Empire Avenue to find out your social media and online presence value. Empire Avenue is a game that stimulates stock market, and like any stock market you can buy and sell shares of people and websites. [...]


Dropbox Review

Have you ever been in a situation, where you needed to access to files which are on your computer. Of course you did, the solution, a USB stick. Great solution, but you need a USB port, and as we know, smartphones and tablets don’t have them. Even if you are in front of a computer [...]


Top 10 Best Free iPhone Apps

The main selling point of any smartphones today is their apps store and available applications. In this contest, Apple apps store is the undisputed leader with more than 350,000 apps and counting. We went through hundreds of free apps and chosen the top 10 free apps that we think you have to have on your [...]


Transformer: Tablet In Disguise

  2011 will be the year of tablets and Apple already promoting 2011 as the year of iPad 2. Contrary to 2010, when iPad used to rule the market as the sole representative of its category, 2011 will see a battle to reach that position. There is little doubt that iPad 2 will be threatened [...]

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