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Puccini Becomes Jetstream And The Price Skyrockets

HTC has been working on a 10-inch tablet for a while, and pictures have been surfacing here and there for the last few weeks. It was initially codenamed “Puccini” and now gets an official name, Jetstream, with its official announcement from AT&T. The Jetstream becomes the first 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) tablet running Android [...]


Swype BETA 3.25 Is Now Available To Download

Since smartphones have lost their hardware keyboard and become all touchscreen, every OS makers and app developers have tried to come up with an easy to use and fast typing keyboard layout. Swype is one of them, and probably the most successful and most revolutionary too. We have talked about Swype keyboard in the past [...]


Angry Birds: Extra Level For Galaxy S II

Rovio is always on the look out to push their game as far as they can. There have collaborated with Fox Digital Entertainment to bring Angry Birds Rio, this time it’s with the Korean phone manufacturer. Unfortunately, this extra is for Samsung Galaxy S II owners only. Sammy has teamed up with Rovio to bring [...]


3D Augmented Reality Video On The iPad… with the help of Kinect

Two of the most exciting things in the geeky world right now are AR (Augmented Reality) and Microsoft Kinect hacks. What if you can combine these two on the hottest tablet on the market? Well, that’s exactly what the guys at LAAN Labs have done. They used Microsoft Kinect, String SDK and an iPad to [...]


HTC Brings EVO 3D To Europe

The Taiwanese manufacturer has decided to bring the HTC EVO 3D phone to the European market despite it being destined for the US. HTC has announced the launch of the EVO 3D for the US market back in March via Sprint’s CDMA network. As you know, here in the UK and in Europe in general, [...]

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