Chameleon: Redesigns Your Android Tablet Experience

After a long absence from GizmoDesire, we are back to bring you exciting news from the world of tech.

So much has happened since we last wrote and didn’t know what to start with. Then we heard about this Kickstarter project called “Chameleon” which promises to bring all new user experience to Android tablets. We had a look and fell in love immediately.

In the fight for supremacy Apple has a clear lead when it comes to tablet. Android on the other hand is trying to keep up with the leader. But the latter has an advantage, which is the user interface. It can be customized at once will. Android OS has a plethora of choice when it comes to customization with widgets and themes as well as usual wallpapers and lock screens.

With the Chameleon project, the folks at Teknision are taking it to another level. They have redesigned the whole UI so it can be, not only relevant to you, but also adapted to your location and time.

The dynamic UI will use your GPS coordinate or WiFi network to locate you and change the home screen to suit your needs. For example if you are at work, you will be presented with a work relevant screen such as your emails and schedule for the day.

Changing the home screen is very simple and intuitive too. The interface is very light and simple and only gives you the relevant information that you need. Below is a quick peek of the project.

This is still under construction and the project team is looking for funds to finish the project and therefor calling on Kickstarters for a helping hand. The aim is to collect $50,000, as of today it has attracted half of the investment and there is still 24 days to go. Anyone can back the project, those who give $5 or more will be eligible for an early release of the app. Chameleon is expected to reach Google Play Store by August but the closing date for the project is June 15th.

Source: Kickstarter