iPhone 5 Parts “leaked”

Since last year debacle from the leak of the iPhone 4, Apple has tightened up even more its secrecy surrounding its product, specially the iPhone. Rumors and speculations have been circulating regarding the iPhone 5 since the launch of the last iPhone; nevertheless, no concrete proofs have been made for any of the allegations.

This time, MacPost has found some interesting pictures of replacement parts for the next generation iPhone from Chinese suppliers. MacPost said that the parts are slightly different from the current generation’s parts, which indicates a redesign of the current iPhone.

Replacement parts for earphone audio jack were also spotted; there come in two colors… black and white. Can we expect a black and a white iPhone from the launch? I think this is a no brainer, considering the set back and delays Apple had with the white iPhone 4.

As you can see on the above picture of the audio jack replacement part, the exterior surface is flat, which is in contradiction with the rumored curved surface iPad 2 inspired iPhone 5.

Apple is known to keep a similar design idea through out its products, which is why the curved surface brushed aluminum design rumor was tangible.  There are speculations that Apple is working on a smaller iPhone to compete with cheaper Android devices. It is possible that these parts are for that particular device.

As usual, Apple won’t release any information until the official launch of the phone.

We have reported that Apple will be holding their annual music event on September 7th, where they would be launching new generation of iPods.  As you know, the iPhone renewal period has already gone, and Apple is still silent about the upcoming smartphone. Will they launch the iPhone and iPods during the same event? The answer to that question is certainly “No”, as the music event is quiet packed and is a big part of their business.

It is rumored that Apple is holding until October to launch the smartphone, which gives its competitors time to release faster and innovative smartphones such as HTC EVO 3D or LG Optimus 3D.

When it comes to write an article about Apple’s upcoming devices is always based on “rumors” and “speculations”, this time is no exception even though there are some “evidences” for this one.

Only time will tell if these “evidences” are verified. So until then its “the rumor says…

Source: MacPost