New iPods To Be Released On September 7th… Maybe iPhone 5 Too

Apple fan…atics know that September is reserved for their music event. Last three years, Apple introduced new generations of Apple iPods. This year, they will do the same, and already rumors are circulating that Apple will hold that event on September 7th.

Kodawarisan, a Japanese website, is reporting that according to their source who is “in the known”, the event will be held on September 7th.

It’s all good news for those who are waiting for the new generation of iPods, but what about the new iPhone?

Well, the iPhone is generally introduced before the iPods. This year is either the exception to the rule or it will be introduce during the same event.

There are reports that the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4HD (what ever the name Apple will choose), is already in production and Apple has made a large order to be delivered in September.

In the meantime, other sources are reporting that the iPhone will be launched in October.

If the latter is the case, Apple will certainly be blaming the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

Whatever the reason behind the late launch of the iPhone, Apple does not want to repeat last year’s setback with the “antenna-gate”.

It is clear that other smartphone manufacturers have stepped up their game. HTC and LG have launched glass-free 3D display phones equipped with a lightening fast 1.2GHz dual-core processor.

Will Apple come up with something new or will it just “upgrade” the existing model with a faster processor and Retina Display and call it iPhone 4HD?

Source: Kodawarisan