Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 3G And 10.1 3G To Be Released In August

Samsung is hitting every front by releasing high-end smartphones and tablets. After the announcement of the white Galaxy S II, and the “near future” release of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia, Sammy is about to release the mid version of its tablets, the Galaxy Tab 8.9.

If Amazon is anything to go by, then the little brother equipped with 3G connectivity, will be available as early as August 11th. The Amazon page advertises the Galaxy Tab 8.9 3G model for £605. It is not clear which model the prize tag is referring to, but it would be safe to assume that it is the 32GB.

As well as releasing the 8.9 3G version next week in the UK, Samsung is also releasing the 10.1 3G model weeks after that.

According to Currys website, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G model, with 16GB internal memory, will be released in the UK on August 23rd. Both black and white version are on pre-order for £499, which is on par with its competitors such as the Apple iPad.

These two models, added to the already released 7-inch version complete the big family of Galaxy Tabs. Samsung is the only tablet manufacturer to offer a “wide range” of screen sizes, hoping to compete with the king, the Apple iPad.

What is your ideal size… for a tablet?