Transformer Prime: The transformation starts on December 8th

Following our article on the upcoming Asus Transformer Prime, we have more good news to announce. First of all, a date has been announced, though it is not official from Asus, it is very likely to be accurate. Then there is a video to see a bit more about the tablet.

Online retailers such as and .de have put the tablet on pre-order without giving a specific release date. However, Newegg, another online retailer is the first one that we found to give a release date. And it will be December 8th, which corresponds to the manufacturer’s blurred timeframe of early December.

Newegg also priced the tablet at $499 for the 32GB model, again comparable to what Asus and other online retailers are displaying.

Now for the fun part, Ritchie’s Room, who got hold of the tablet, has released a short video review. All the details announced in our previous article are verified. Below is the video review.


Are you looking forward to get on? Will you go for another one, like the iPad2? Let us know in the comment section below.